mooncakesOn Friday, after I finished my violin lessons,I went home to make ice skin moon cakes. First I used the piece of ice skin

to wrap  the green bean fillings, make it into a ball. Then I dusted the moon cake ball in flour. Press it firmly into the moon cake mould. Turn the mould over and give it a few taps to loosen the moon cake. there are my Chinese name on the  moon cake. I made an other 4 moon cakes. There are the car patterns on the moon cake.

On Saturday I  went to my friends house to give my moon cakes. Their home has a new renovation. I can see my friends new bed room. Then we went to have lunch. We ate Japanese food.

After having lunch we went to take a tram to Causeway Bay. We go to the Central library, It is the biggest library in Hong Kong.  I borrowed the C.D to learn more Japanese language.  I we went to Seven Elven to buy ice cream. The ice cream was very good. Then we went to Muji cafe. After that we went to a Lego shop. I saw Back To The Future car. And I also saw a big Star Wars space ship. It was so big. Then we went to take 681 bus back to Ma On Shan. My dad pick us up to my house. It was a fun weekend, I want to go there.