Weekend at Disneyland

IMG_4612Last Saturday I went to Disney land, with my mom and my friends. It was  my friends birthday. We went there to celebrate. First we went to draw Olaf at the Animation Academy. Next we went to ride a roller coaster which move back words. We went to Mystic manor. We rode on the carriage, there is no tracks but it has magnetic underneath.

Next we went to Toy Story Land but we didn’t play anything. Then we went to have lunch. I ordered kids set.
After lunch we went to drive the electric car. I can’t hold the steering wheel properly and I bump in to another car in front of me.

Then we went to ride another roller coaster, it is called Space Mountain. We saw  a lot of stars and space rocks. It is super  exciting!

At last, we went to Art of Animation, we saw the scene of the movie, ”Inside Out ” and I took a photo with Joy. I pretended to be Joy and Sadness. Mom bought the Sadness me post card. The photo is silly but my mom likes it.