Visiting Facebook Office, badminton and Ping Pong

            On June 23rd 2018 I visited Facebook Office. I went with my friends. I took 682 near my friends home, then we walked to the building. We took a elevator, there were 67 floors. When we got to the 37th floor it was really high already. Then we waited for the Facebook office staff to come down and bring us there. When we got there it was really big! there were free snacks, drinks, and Ice-cream. There are also some free board games to play, there is a Ping Pong table that we can play. There is a telescope there it can see really far. I ate a lot a snacks, we went down to an other place of the Facebook Office. When you walk there the lights turn on by it self, I think it is a really good Idea to save energy. I wish that I could be one of the staffs when I grow up!. It opens 24 hours and you need to know Cantonese, English and mandarin.   

                Then we went to have lunch, the food was quite good, then we went to play Ping Pong ball, we took a bus, but there was a traffic jam so we got off the bus and we change the MTR, it was lucky that we were not late. We played for 1 hour then we went to play badminton, then my friends dad had drove a car, then we 3 said we take a bus so we went to take a bus. But they were faster. We went to my friends home to have dinner, it was really good, we watched world cup. then I played Video games like similar to PUBG. Then after playing we went back home.

                                I had a great time over there and I wish I could go work there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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