Trip to Nagoya

2015NagoyaLast Tuesday I went to Nagoya. We arrived in Nagoya in the afternoon. We rented a blue Aqua car. We went to Kyoto to pick up Kelly and Gordon. After picking Gordon and Kelly, we went to Ohara Sanso Hot spring Guesthouse. We got the tatami room first, then we went to have hot pot. After eating, we played for awhile. Then I went to have hot spring bath with Gordon. We took hot spring bath on our own.


The next morning  we went to have breakfast,then we drove them to Kyoto train station. After that, we went to Suzuka Circuit. I drove a yellow racing car. After driving the yellow car,I drove race car. my mom and I drove a blue truck. It can move on land and water. Then we drove another truck. It can move on land, water and bumpy road. We even drove a dangerous  road. I sat on a real Formula 1 to take a photo. After taking photo,my mom and I went to ride a Roller Coaster. We rode 2 times. After that I rode a motor bike. After that we went to the hotel in Minoshirakawa,  we have a whole cabin. It is a big room. We had sea food hot  pot.


In day 3, we went to take a cable car. After taking a cable car ,we went to Shirakawago to see the old houses. Then we made a snow man and had snow ball fight. But my mom lost the cover of the camera, luckily we found it at last! Then we went to the Hida Takayama hotel. We get the room first and my mom and I have hot spring bath. Then we had dinner. After dinner we went for a walk inside the hotel. Then my dad found that we can have hot spring bath in private bathroom, it was free of charge. Yeah! We can have hot spring bath together. Then I went back to the room, we talked for awhile, then we went to bed.


On the forth day, after we had breakfast, we went to take a double-decker cable car to the top of the mountain. We played snow ball fight and made a snow man. Then the cable car took us back to the foot of the mountain. We went back to Nagoya. We went to the outlet park to have dinner. After having dinner, we went to the hotel in Nagoya. The room is too small so we need to have 2 rooms.


The next day we had breakfast. After having breakfast we went to Toyota museum. I saw old cars and new cars. After that we went to a toy shop. I bought a toy car which is a blue race car. After that we went to Nagoya Airport. The plane arrived at 9:00. We went home at 11:00.


It was a fun Easter Holiday!!!!!