Trip to Guangzhou (China)

     Day 1 

           On June 16 2018, My friend and my parents went together. I went for 2 days 1 night. We slept in a hotel, I woke at 7:00 AM to pack my stuff. Then at 9:15 AM I went down stairs to his car. Because we lived in a same village. There were 7 people. That day was a sunny day, we thought it will be a big rain. I was really excited. We took a private car to Sheung Shui, to park a car. Then we took MTR to Lo Wu, then we gave the Hong Kong ID card and China to the security to check. After that we Took a Bullet to Guangzhou. It takes 1 Hour and 15 minutes to get to Guangzhou. When we got there, we had lunch we had Dim Sum, the food was really tasty After that we took a Guangzhou train to take a small vehicle like a golf car but it can carry 15 people. When we get there the area was old, we looked at the old buildings. I bought a drink. Then we went back to the gate and we tried to call UBER. The app said we need to wait for to minutes to try to, but there was no Uber, so we went to take a golf car back to the Train station to a street, It looks like Japan, there is many shops and cars can go through. I can feel that we are in Japan. When it is 6:00 we went to have dinner, the food was tasty. After that we went for a walk. We saw many interesting things. After that we called Uber, It worked. It can carry 7 People. We took Uber to hotel, the hotel name is called, Atour hotel. When we got inside it was good. Then we turn on the TV It showed Jurassic World. I watched the whole movie. Then we went to sleep

    Day 2 

                Today was a last day of the trip. out train opens at 5 something We woke up and went to have breakfast in a Dim Sum restaurant. It was really yummy. After that we went to a shopping mall because it was really hot. Then my dad checked that is the theater all 3D, the it showed all of them are 3D. We decided to go or not, we had decided to go to watch.Then we went up to the Cinema and bought the ticket. And there was a new glasses for short sighted and near sighted, you just clip it to your glasses and you can watch 3D It is just 10 dollars and for the normal one it is 2 dollars and the ticket was 37 dollars. It was really cheap. We watched Jurassic world The fallen Kingdom. The movie was good. the movie talks about The Old movie of Jurassic world the island is abundant, they leave the dinosaurs there, and some people thought that we should keep it and brought it back. And there are some bad guys that want to make money and sell it The main character is owen who trained Raptors. It was really good the movie, Then we went to the train station to take a bullet train back to Shenzhen to have dinner, it was really good. then we went back to Hong Kong. 

   I  had a great time in Guangzhou, I wish I could go there with my friends.    

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