Transformers 4

        The transformers 4 is the movie about Optimus Prime wants to save the humans. And the other autobots help Optimus Prime. The there is a company called KSI that who wants to make auto bots, their names were Stinger and Galvatron, the people control it. Then they went to Chicago to have a battle. Suddenly Lockdown went to Catch Optimus Prime and the girl Tessa.  Then they went to china KSI. Suddenly Galvatron and other auto bots woke up and destroy the KSI land. And they had a battle in Hong Kong, they made a mess and Lock down suck all the things with a big metal and suck something that is metal. Every one was stuck in the car so they sucked up. And when the metal cant find Optimus Prime it drops every thing. Then at last they were happy, and Optimus has to leave to space. 

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