The Martian, bounce and fire work

On ThMartianursday I went to Elements to watch movie. I went with my friends. We watched a movie called The Martian. It is about the Astronaut went to Mars. When there is a storm, the astronauts went inside the spaceship, and one of the astronaut, Mark was hit by something. And those five astronauts thought Mark was dead and they left Mars. Mark tried to make water to grow the potatoes and he did it! He got the the soil from Mars.He ate the potatoes with  ketchup for every meal. Later, the plants was dead because of the explosions. . He tried to communicate with NASA on Earth and it worked! His crew members went to mars to fetch him. He was saved and they went to Earth.
          After the movie, we went to have lunch, we ate Japanese food, and it was yummy!
          After that we went to Bounce at  Emax  in Kowloon Bay. I love the  bouncy dodge ball the most. There was a lot of trampoline. It was fun! After playing I still felt a little bit bouncy. After that we went to have dinner in Emax mall. We ate Chinese food, it was yummy! Then we went to my friends home  to watch fire work. But we could not see it clearly. But we could  see a little bit.  I had a fun holiday!!