FullSizeRenderToday Dad and I went to Sai Kung town to take No.74 bus to Yellow Stone Pier. Then we took the speed boat. It took 5-6 minutes to get to Tap Mun Island. The boat was so fast, and it was windy.

When we got there, we went up the mountain. When we got up to the mountain, the view was stunning. I saw the cow down the mountain I tried to use the grass to feed the cow, but the cow didn’t like to eat that kind of the grass. After a while we saw a football field,but there is the H in the middle for the helicopter. Soon we walked down the mountain, then we went to buy some drinks. I bought an Orange juice, it was yummy!

At last we went to there take a ferry back to Yellow Stone Pier. Then we went to take a bus back to Sai Kung bus stop. It was wonderful on the first day of  term break!