Tai Sang Wai Fishpond

IMG_0402On February 1st, we went to Tai Sang Wai to learn something about fishpond. First we gathered at the train station. Then we walk through the shopping mall to take a mini busĀ  to the bus the bus stop. We went to a fishpond.

We went to feed the fish. We fed them with bread, and I got a big piece of bread, I threw the bread far and high. Then we cut the grass with a sickle and fed the fish again. After that, we learned how to catch the fish with the net. The owner taught us how to do it. But it was too difficult, so the owner did it. We went to have lunch, we helped to wash the veggie. We ate fish, sausage, bread, and veggie.

After lunch, we went to have bird watching. There were a lot of birds. We used binoculars to watch the birds.

At last, we made tea dumplings and the small black dumplings. They were YUMMY! Then we went to the bus stop. We played in a playground. After that we took the mini bus to the train station. We went to have dinner in Thai restaurant. We ate the roti, veggie, chicken, and some meat. Then we had desserts. It was a fun weekend!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!