On Christmas day

On Christmas daTaiOXmasy, I saw that there are tomica inside the stocking, Santa gave me the presents.

In the afternoon, I went to Tai O with my dad, mum and my friends. There are lots of yummy food. We wanted to have chacoal grilled but it was closed. Then we went to buy some other food again.

Then we saw a stilt house in where there was a dog siting on a chair, the dog wore clothes. We saw some salty fish. The stilt houses were made of wood, there are a lot of stilt houses, they are famous in Tai O.

After that we went to a shop, there was some puffer fish, they were real but they all died. There was a very big one. The big one has big spikes.

After that we went to Tai O Heritage Hotel, we saw the rooms inside but we didn’t reserve the room. Then we went to wash our hands and went to a restaurant to have dinner. When we went inside, we saw party blowers and noise makers. There is the piano, it can play music by itself. We saw santa claus, he gave us presents.

I felt happy on christmas day.