New MTR stations

Yesterday IMTR went to the new MTR stations with my friends. We took  682 bus to Taikooshing  shopping mall to meet my friend, Kelly and Gordon.

My friend gave me the camping stuff. After that we went to Mos burger. I ate fish  burger and Kelly also ate fish burger, too. Gordon ate pumpkin croquette burger and my Mom ate rice burger. After eating, we took 18x bus to Kennedy Town station. It was new, we bought the tickets with octopus and use the tickets to pass the gate.  We took west line to HKU station.

We took the lift to upstairs. My mom gave me money to buy snacks. We bought snacks in the vending machine. And Gordon bought chocolate milk.

Then we went to Causeway Bay to have dinner. We had dinner at the cafe I ate chicken and pork but it was spicy. After that Gordon ate ice cream  and I ate cheese cake.