My First 3KM running

Running3K_2015-3-8On Saturday, my mom and I practised  running in Ma On Shan along the waterfront. I would have a 3KM running on Sunday.

On Sunday I woke up at 7:30, I had breakfast at home. I went to Sha Tin sports ground. First, we did some warm up exercise. I got a cup of energy water. We started at 8:45. We ran on the road. The police blocked the road. We could even run through red lights.

We went to Kung Tong to get my mom’s running pack

afterwards. Then I went to the book shop with my mom. I bought

Captain Underpants.

After that, we went to have dinner in Mega Box. I ate fried rice, Japanese pizza, and fish, they are yummy!

                                  I HAD A FUN HOLIDAY!!