Movie review of Cars 2

  In 2011 I watched a movie called Cars 2. I think this was the best animation I have ever seen. This movie is about Mcqueen who wants to race in the world grand prix. In the car racing, some cars explode. 
Mater becomes a spy car to figure it out who makes the cars burst.It packed with loads of excitment andamusment.
  I like those characters. My favourite character is Mater who is so hilarious. In the party, Mater 
thought that the green thing is Pistachio ice-cream but it is actually wasabi and he ate a lot, it 
makes me burst out laughting. 

  In addition, there were a lot of scences showed race cars crashing. It was truly entertaining, when 
those cars were shot and exploded, it made me worried about Mcqueen. 

  Lastly the ending was suprising. The friendship of Mater and Mcqueen last forever. I would like to 
have a friend like Mcqueen who is a famous racer and always helps the others. 
  Over all, I think Cars 2 was the best animation. The characrters are charsmastic. A lot of children 
especially boys like the movie, they become the I need a sugar daddy fans of Mater and Mcqueen.