I went to take ferris wheel

DSCF0440On Tuesday, I went to Central, there was a Christmas carnival.   

There were some cool rides but they have not opened yet. Only the slide is opened, and there are games to play, if you win, you can get a toy. Then you can get the Despicable ME. But I didn’t play the shooting games. After that we went to a kiosk to buy a roast chicken. I didn’t like the herbs.

Then I saw a racing car game, we can change cars. It looks like real one it was cool and we have to wait to say 321 and then start, but I was the last. All the cars go faster than me, they went there first and I always crashed, I went to the finish line and all the cars were parked and my Ferrari was full of scratches. My dad and mom laughed at me. It looks like my tomica cars.

After that we took the ferris wheel. We needed to wait for the ride. We needed to buy the tikets then we queued up. When I was in the ferris wheel, the view was beautiful. I looked down and it seemed that I was falling. We took 3 rounds.