I went to Mai Po

On Sunday I went to Mai Po to have bird watching near China. Then  we  went to the tower and it was a little bit big. I used my own binoculars, my binoculars were not good enough, so I used the other one’s  binoculars which were much bigger  than mine.

There were birds flying in the sky, I used the other one’s binoculars which were cool, I saw the birds very near. Then we went to the Education center.

Next, we went inside, my friend  and I saw puzzle games, there were 4, some are hard and some are easy. We had lunch in the Education center. I had rice balls and my friend ate hamburgers.

After lunch, we went outside to talk. Then we went to another hut which was a bit small. Next, we went to the water bridge and it was a bit dangerous, it kept wobbling while we were walking on it. We saw another hut. Later, we walked back to the car park, then we gave them a ride to science park, there was a bouncy castle  but we needed to buy tickets. There was a slide, I slid down and I jumped down the slide and I bounced very high.

After playing, we went to the fun fair, we made a solar panel car, after that we went to have tea. We ate pizza, fried rice and noodles. Then we gave them a ride to University station and we went home. I watched  Fire and Rescue Planes 2. This weekend was nice.