IMG_5836On Sunday, we went to hike, First we went to pick up my friends.

          First, we went to buy some bread and we went to hike. When we got there, We walked a long time until the top. When we got there there was tofu dessert.

             After that, we walked to an island because it was low tide. There were two paths on the island. It was muddy. All our shoes were muddy and dirty, my pants were dirty. After that we continued walking. Then went to an other path. We walked a short mountain.

After that we went to an island there were a lot of rocks the island is near China. Then we walked down the mountain. The kid were fast, the adult were slow. The kids got there first. And we waited for a long time, then they came to the car park. After that we went to Tai Wo sports ground. We ran around the circle. We played tag. After that we went to a   Japanese restaurant.

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       We ate rice ball, meat, rice, and Wu tong. After that we went to drive them back home. They lived in Tai Po. After that we went home. It was a wonderful Sunday.