Hiking In Dragon Back

On Thursday, we went hiking with my friends, Gordon and Kelly. First we went to Kelly’s home, then we went to have lunch. We ate Japanese food. I ate Japanese noodles. After lunch, we went to Shek O.

My dad parked the car and we walked up the mountain. Then we had a rest at the pavilion. After that, we continued walking. Some of the roads are so steep and have a lot of sand and rocks. When we got up, we ate some snacks, we ate Green tea Pudding and red bean buns, they were yummy. The sky was turning dark, my dad went to get the car first, and we went to another side to go down the mountain.

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After hiking, we went to a cafe to have dinner.   My friend bought a birthday cake because today is my mom’s birthday! Then we went to Kelly’s home to eat the birthfay cake. We sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG  to my mom. When my mom was going to blow the candle, I blew it first. Then we ate the cake. It was yummy! Then I watched Youtube on  ipad with Gordon. It was time to go home. Then we said bye to my friends.