Hiking at Pak Tam Chung

On 8th FeHiking@PakTamChungbruary 2015, I went to Pak Tam Chung with my dad and mom.We drove a car there. We drove pass the sea and the view looks like Japan. We  parked the car, we walked to the bridge and we went to a river. It was low tide. I threw the rock,I threw a big rock into the water. Then we continued to walk.

We went to a small pier. We sat down to have some snack. My dad said he got it from the ground but actually he got it from home.  Then we walked past an old house. We went up to the mountain. The sun set was stunning! We walked fast and we went down the mountain.

After hiking, we had dinner in Sai Kung. We walked for awhile, then  dad and I went back to the car. We waited for mom. We went home at eight o’clock.