Having a birthday party

     On July 3rd we had a birthday party at my home. I invited Gordon and Gideon. Our birthdays are in July IMG_0494so we celebrated together. The birthday party started at 1:oo. 
Gordon and Kelly came at 12:40. 

   Gordon and I watched Star Wars 7 The Force Aweakans. When Gideon came, we played football game. Then it was time to eat. I ate chips and chicken legs, they were delicious. After that, we made the cotton 
candy by using the cotton candy machine. We put green tea candy into the machine and we used the 
chopsticks to hold the candy thread. The cotton candy was yummy. When there was no more candy, my dad 
went to buy some milk candy. the milk candy was also yummy. 

  We played a lot of games, after playing, we took out the birthday cake and we sang happy birthday 
song. It was a mango cake. It was tasty. Then we turned the computer to watch minecraft but Gideon had to leave earlier so I played video games with Gordon. 

  It was dinner time, we went to have dinner in Ma On Shan. We had Japanese food and I ordered a beef 
set. We drank apple tea. 
  It was a fabulous Sunday ever!