Guilin China Trip


            Day 1

            On March Easter holiday, my mom, dad and I went to Guilin (China). Guilin was a special place because the mountains were strange and is very quite place, but its still a city, but some places are quite. We went for 4 days 2 nights. I was really excited!  I cannot sleep on that night. I woke up and ate breakfast. In noon we took a mini bus to University station. Then change train to Lo Wu. When we got to Lo Wu, we took a bullet train to Guangzhou. Then change an other train to Guilin. When we get to Guilin bullet train railway station, we took a private car like Uber to the hotel, the hotel name Guilin exhibition international. We didn’t change hotel we stayed there until we leave Guilin, I found that there was a swimming pool there. When we get to the hotel, we can only get the key only we cannot get inside the room, so we went for a walk, when its 5:00 we went inside the room, we rest for 15 minutes, then we went for dinner. We had Chinese traditional food, it was tasty. We took a taxi back to the hotel. 

            Day 2

             The next day, I woke up and had breakfast down stairs at the hotel. The food was yummy, after that we took a taxi to rent a car. It was a gear car. The first destination was the Elephant trunk hill. I bought an plastic airplane which flies really well. It was funny, it looks like a elephant, then it was lunch, we ate a Guilin  Noodles. It was yummier than Hong Kong. Then we went to a shopping mall. It was the biggest in Guilin I think. Then we went to swim in the swimming pool in the hotel. The view there was nice there was a big glass, we can see the city, In night there are many beautiful lights.

            Day 3

              The third day, We had Guilin we ate  we drove a car to have a walk, the mountain was really steep. I was afraid of heights. When we got up there the view was pretty. Then we had lunch. The food was tasty. Then we had to give the car back to the place where we rent.


            Day 4   

                Today is the last day of the trip. We checked out and we took a taxi to the train station. It was too early, so we waited until we can get in, we took a bullet train to Guangzhou and change train to Shenzhen.

            In this trip I had a great time over there and It was really fun! I like it! I wish I could go there again.  

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