Going to the museum story

                     On summer a boy name Jack and his friend Savio went to a dinosaur museum, it has many dinosaurs bones, first they meet at the train station and walked to the museum when they walked in, they was amazed. When they walked and walked , they looked at the information about what the dinosaurs are they. Jack said, oh its a big dinosaur. They take a picture of it,  then they went to buy the souvenirs they bought a T-Rex model. Then they continued looking at the models of the dinosaurs, they were happy that the dinosaurs were beautiful. They kept on taking photos of it and then the security came out and told them not to take pictures of it. And no flashing. They apologies to the staff over there. They continued looking.  Suddenly there were a dinosaur noise, the T-Rex came out and ate everybody, the T-Rex and the other dinosaur animals came to them and they screamed they both run and run and run to the street and run as far as they could then they took their phone out at called the police, the police asked them what happens and they told what the museum happens and when they went there they use a very powerful gun that can kills Giant animals. At last they were safe and they went home happily and they told mom what happens. And their mom replied are you ok? they said yes. They lived happily ever after.  

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