Going to Takamatsu and Hiroshima

Day 1

We went to Takamatus, Japan, We took a plane at 3:00 in the afternoon. We went there for eight days. When we got to the Takamatsu airport, it was night time. Then we took the APA Hotel car to the hotel. When we got there, we checked in first. Then we went to the room. The room was small.Then we walked to the convenience store to buy rice balls. We spent 40 minutes walking to and fro. I took a bath and I ate my rice ball, I also had cold Japanece noodles. Then I brushed my teeth. Then it was bed time.


Day 2

DSCF2589_On the second day, we had breakfast in the hotel. After breakfast, we went to Toyota renting shop.We rented Aqua car, the colour of the car is black. Then we went to the AEON mall where is really huge! We had lunch then we went to the supermarket to buy rice balls and buy a big bottle of water. We headed towards the sand dune, it looks like a desert. When we got there, we parked the car. Then we walked for a long time. I saw a camel. It was the first time I saw a real camel. Then we saw a sand slide. It was scorching hot. It was time to be back to the hotel. When we got there, it was huge. and there was an open kitchen and there is an attic. There were three beds. My bed is on the attic.  We took photos in the room and we had dinner in the hotel. After dinner, we had hot spring bath. Although the hot spring was hot, I like it.


Day 3

DSCF2652On the third day, my mom went running in the morning. When my mom got back, we went to have breakfast. Then we went to the bridge. The bridge is called Kazurabashi of Iya, we baught the tickets to cross the bridge. The bridge was made by logs and vines, there is a river under the bridge, it was scary to cross the bridge since there are some big gaps. However, I was not scared.

After that, we went to take a boat. I bought some fish food and it costs 100 yen. I wanted to feed the fish but there was no fish. I saw a duck, so I fed the duck instead.

We went to an hot spring inn. We went to have hot spring bath after dinner.  I watched TV for a while and went to bed.



Day 4

In the morning, we returned the car and changed a bigger car which is called Velfire. It is a big car. There were 7 seats. Then we went to Takamastu Airport to pick up my friends, Anson, Baby Alana, Auntie Sally and Uncle Alan. We waited them for a long time and finally we saw them.

We had lunch at AEON mall. The mall is super huge.  Then we took an elevator to the third floor. There were video games. We played mario car racing game. We played once and we have to leave the AEON mall. Next, we went to the Road Station which is in the highway. Then we went to Dogo Osen. We went for a walk. I played with Alana. Meanwhile I saw a silly cat laughing and rolling around, and it made us burst out laughting. Then we went to the other shop, there was a dog which could copy us to talk. It made Alana laughed. Then we went to an Totoro shop, there were a lot of Totoro toys and stationery. I bought a pen for my mom.  I also bought some Japanese biscuits, they were very yummy,I wanted to buy 10 more packs.

Next, we went to the hotel room and I stayed at Anson’s room to played the wooden tops. Then we went to take a hot spring bath. The pool is very hot, so we left. After taking a hot spring, we went to sleep.


Day 5

After breakfast, we went to take a small train. There was a train turntable, the train conductors turned the train the other way round by hands. After that, we returned to the hotel. We bought some mixed ice-cream. They were supper yummy!

On the way to Hiroshima, we went to a park, there was a big slide with 120 meters long. There were a lot of spider webs on it. When I played the slide, some spider web thread was all over my face. I screamed loudly, “Ahhhhhhhhhh!”. Then we headed to Hiroshima, We stayed in the Comfort hotel.  Then we went to have dinner. Anson and I ordered the kids sets, and I drank orange juice. Then we went to have a walk. Before we went to th hotel, we bought some egg pudding and spicy chicken wings.I took a bath and went to Anson’s room.


Day 6

20160722_094755After breakfast, we went to Atomic Bomb Dome which is part of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. The ruin serves as a memorial to the people who were killed in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on August 6 1945. Over 70,000 people were killed instantly, and another 70,000 suffered fatal injuries from the radiation.

Afterwards, we went to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. There were some models and pictures about World War 2, how the atomic bomb destroyed Hiroshima, they show how horrible the war is. Then we went to Tokyu Hands. Anson and I walked on our own. I baught a box of colour pencils. After going to the Tokyou Hands, we planned to go to the Aqurium but the Aqurium was almost closed, so we went to the Itsukushima Shrine to see a Shino Shrine on the island, best known for its floating toni gate.

DSCF2799First, We had to take the boat to the Itsukushima Shrine. When we got there, there were a lot of wild dears. I touched the wild dears. Alana was not scared. Then our parents walked to the Shrine, there was a lot of mud, so Anson and I didn’t go because we didn’t want our shoes to be so muddy. After sightseeing, we went to have dinner. We had Shaboshabo, it is a kind of Japanese hot pot. I ate cold Japanece noodles, U-don, rice, and dessert.

After eating, we went back to the hotel. I took a bath then I went to Anson’s room to play again. 15 minutes later, my mom told me to be back. I brushed my teeth and I went to bed.


Day 7

IMG_1129(1)We had to leave the hotel, so we packed up our suitcases. Then we went to the car park and get our car. Next, we went to the submarine museum. We took the elevator to the first floor. There were different kinds of submarines and torpedoes. Then we went to the first and second floor. We could even go inside the real submarine!  We can touch the steering wheel. The submarine is incredibly big!! There was the souvenir shop where I found a lot of submarine souvenirs. I bought a fleet pencil sharpener. It is made of metal. I also bought a model boat. We twisted a capsule toy and I got an aircraft carrier and the submarine with a helicopter, it was my favourite.

After that, we went to the Kurashik Bikan Historiacal Quarter. Then we went to a shop with a lot of Japanese toys I bought the bamboo drangonfly. Then we went to another shop, there were a lot of things to buy. I bought milk Jam, it looked yummy! Then we saw the fish food and we bought it to feed the fish.

DSCF2915After feeding the fish, we watch the parade of the Japanese summer festival.There were some funny characters, some of them were scary.

After that, we went to the Outlet. Outlet is a place where you can buy a lot of things and foods.  Anson and I walked by ourselves with walkie-talkie which is used to contact with our parents. Then we went to go to the Lego shop. We found a pancake shop. Anson and I bought one. After eating, Anson and I saw my dad and we spy on him. My dad was sitting down and he didn’t notice us. And we ran to the other side. Anson and I took an escalator to the second floor. Finally, we found the Lego shop. We went inside. There were a lot of Lego inside the shop. There were Technic, Star Wars, and Ninjago. We saw the technic helicopter, it was extreamly huge! And you can use a motor to make the helicopter fly. Then we went to see the Star wars Lego. There were the Millennium Falcon, Kylo Ren’s Shuttle, Tie fighter. Then our parents came to the Lego shop. Next we went to the Outlet Shopping mall to have dinner. I ate kids set and there is a toy, I gave it to Alana.

Then we headed to the hotel. The hotel is near the ocean. Our room is 810 and Anson’s is 809. The hotel is very huge! I could see the big ocean. Every thing inside is red. My silly dad went to buy a lighter in order to play fireworks. He drove  for 10km but there wasn’t any convenient store. What a pity that we could not play fireworks. Then I took a bath. After taking a bath,  I looked at the view. It was stunning! Then it was 11:00 PM.  I had to brush my teeth and went to bed.


Day 8

We had to go back to Hong Kong. We departed at 8:00pm, so we could somewhere to play. We had breakfast in the cafe . We had to wait for Anson to come down to have breakfast. I had milk bread, and corn soup. There were all yummy!

20160724_115810(0)We went to a U-don school to learn how to make U-Don. First we need three ingredients,  thery are water, flour, salt. First,we needed to mix the ingredients.Second, we knead the dough until  it became smooth. We even stepped on the dough with our feet! Third, we rolled the dough into a flat sheet. Fourth, we cut it into noodle shape. Then we went to the canteen to cook our handmade U-don. It tasted incredibly yummy! They also gave us some other U-don and I thought that our homemade U-don is more yummy.

20160724_143625(0)Then we went to Takamastu to play with the dolphins. We drove the car to Takamastu. We parked the car and we took a shuttle bus to the destination. When we got there, we saw the dolphins were doing some tricks. The dolphins did jumps. Then it was time to swim with the dolphins! We got change and walked to the beach. Some sand and small rocks went into my shoes. It made me feel uncomfortable. I had to tolerate.We had to listen to the coach. Then, we went to play with dolphins. The water was very cold! We had to wait for the dolphin to come. Finally, the dolphin swam to us. The coach fed the dolphin with some fish. We touched the dolphin. The dolphin skin is so smooth! Then the coach gave us the fish to feed it. It was a really unforgettable experience.

After that, we went to the mall to have lunch. When we got there, Anson and I went to the supermarket to buy Qoo Jelly. It was so yummy!  After lunch, we went to the third floor, we played mario racing car game again. I won 2 times and Anson won 2 times. Then we went to see the toys. Our parents looked for us and we met at last. We went to the 100 yen shop. I bought a maze, it was 108 yen, it is so cheap.

It was time to go to the Takamastu Airport. My dad and my mom went to return the car back. I stayed with Anson. First, we  checked in at the check in counter. While we were checking in, I played with Alana.  We went to Family Mart to buy rice ball. Then we went to line up. I bought a bag of honey candy. They were so yummy! Then we got on the plane. It was 9:00. The plane took off from the runnway. The view in Japan was so beautiful. There were a lot of cars and lights.

It took four hours to Hong Kong. I took a nap on the plane. When we arrived at Hong Kong, it was 12:00 AM. We needed to wait for our lugagge. The bags are delayed. Finally the bags arrived. Then Uncle Alan drove us home.

I am looking forward to my next trip to Japan very soon.