Going to Ocean park

      On Tuesday, Anson, auntie Sally and I went to Ocean park. First we took an MTR train to Admiralty. Then we took a shuttle bus to go there. When we got there, we had to buy tickets. After buying the tickets, we went to have lunch. We went to a Penguin Restaurant. We watched the penguins. When I used my hand to touch the glass, the penguin comes and tried to touch my hand, it was so cute. But we were parted by the glass, and the penguin dived inside the water.

It was time for lunch, we ate pizza, and spaghetti. Then we went to play some booths. First we played basketball. Then we went to another booth. You had to shoot the balls into the hole. Yellow is 100 marks, the blue and red are the lowest mark. Then we went to have a break. We ate ice cream. We ate vanilla ice cream.

After that, we went to buy some drinks, we drank minute maid. I drank 2 bottles of minute maid. Then we went to watch the sharks. One of the sharks is longer than our table at home. After that we went to drive a boat. It was remoted and there was a steering wheel. First I chose the ferry, After that we went to drive racing car. Then we went to drive a boat again. Then I chose the speed boat, this time it was fast. I kept crashing into other boat.

Next, we went to a bouncy castle, we played for a long time. We played froggy, we played many times. Then we went to have french fries, I ate with ketchup. It was time to leave, we went to take a taxi back to Ma On Shan. We met my mom and ate sushi, we ate a lot of sushi. After dinner, we went home. It was a great term break!!