Going to have a picnic with David and Norma

IMG_2425On Sunday we went to have a picnic with David, Norma, Auntie Pinky and Auntie Debbie. 

First, we went to pick them up to go to Sai Kung.  When we got there, we had our lunch first. We ate rice ball, 
Sushi, chest nuts, strawberry,salad and some drinks. 
Then we went to have a walk in the museum. The first museum was Insect museum. we saw different kinds of Insects there.The next one was Shell museum. I saw a lot of shells. After that we went to the Geopark visitor centre. We saw a lot of dinosaur fossil replica and we saw some planet models. Then we went to play some games,for the 
first time I didn't get it right and I got it all right for the second time. Then we went to seethe rock museum, there were a lot of rocks. They were real. Then we went to see the flowers, they were truly beautiful. I saw the blue flowers 
which were pretty. Then we drove them back to Auntie Pinky's home to have a rest but we didn't have a rest in 
Auntie Pinky's home, we went to our home. 

Then it was time to have dinner. We had dinner in a Chinese restaurant in Ma On Shan. Then we went to Auntie 
Pinky's home to say good by to David and Norma, because they have to go back to their hometown, United Kingdom. 
IT WAS A FUN SUNDAY! But I miss David and Norma, I wish I can see them soon again.