Going for a School Camping

On September 28th, I went for a school camping, I went with my classmates and teachers.  We had to go to school at 7:50 so I woke up at 6:55AM. Tuesday night, I packed my backpack and suitcase.

On Wednesday morning, my dad drove me to school. When I got there, I found that most of my classmates had arrived.

There were a lot of bags and suitcases in the hall. Only Year 5&6 students can go for camping.

When it was time to get on the bus, we put the luggage in the coach trunk. When I just sat down, the bus moved.

        It took 1 hour to Tung Chung, we needed to change another bus. It was the green bus. The bus had numbers where to go and it showed ‘Private’. It took 25 minutes to go to the destination. After taking the bus, we went to the hall near the beach and we put down the luggage’s and bags on the ground. Then we took a rest and we sang songs, we also did some activities in the hall way. We had some games, it is called ‘Splat, you have to call someone’s name and they have to squat, the person next to you have to shoot ánother one. After we did some games and sang songs, we went to the camp site to pitch our tent. When we got into the camp site, I found that there was a grassland. Then the teacher taught us how to pitch the tent. First, we have to get something out in the bag. Secondly, we had to get the strings and tie them into the clip. Thirdly, we had to tie the knot on the top. Lastly, we had to put the orange cover to cover the tent and it was done.


        After pitching the tent, we went to the hall to have lunch. For the first day, we needed to pack the food ourselves. I ate rice balls which were homemade. When we finished our lunch, we sat down on the sofa to rest. After resting, we went back to the camp site to warm up, it was because we needed to go swimming in the sea. After doing some warm up, we got the clothes and swimming suits. We had go to the public toilet area to change our clothes, we went to the hall to wait the teachers. When the teachers came, we needed to put on the life jackets. The coaches taught us how to put on the life jackets. Then we went to the beach, Year 5 & 6 were needed to be separated, we didn’t go with the year 5 schoolmates. Then we went wwimming. The water was very cold, we could float because of the life jackets. I swam in free style, and it was very fun. After swimming, we played with sand. I went to the muddy sand area. Next, we took our stuff to the public toilet to get change. It was 5:00 PM, we had to wait for the classmates.


        At around 6:00pm, we had a barbecue. The coaches taught us how to cook barbecue food. First, we had sausages with bread and ketchup. The bread and sausages were very yummy! Then we had sweet corn and sweet potatoes. I ate both of them. It was tasty. Then we had marshmallow and biscuits. Some of my

classmates burned their marshmallows! Everybody burst out laughing. After having the dinner, we went back to the camp site to wait for the teachers. After that, we did some night activities. We went to the beach to play the games. It is called capture the flag, it was really fun. We have to catch someone in the other team and get the flag from the other team. I was in blue team. At last, the red team won, they had three points and the blue team had one point. After playing capture the flag, we went back to the camp site to get our tooth brushes and the tooth paste. It was time to sleep. But my classmates and I talked and we could not sleep. The next tent was very noisy. It was very windy and I could hear the wind.


        The next day, my classmates woke me up. When I looked at the watch, it was 5:00 AM. Then I could not sleep again. Then we got our things and we went to the toilet to brush our teeth. After brushing, we went to the hall to have breakfast. We ate bread with jam and butter, we also ate the cereal which was very yummy. After breakfast, we went to the camp site to get our swimming suits and we went to swim again. The water was colder than the previous day. I swam very fast. This time we didn’t have to wear the life jackets. After swimming, we went to change our clothes and had shower. Then we went to the hall to have lunch. We ate eggs, sausages and bread. After having lunch, we had some snacks. When we finished our snacks, we changed our clothes again, we went to get the clams and I found a lot of. Then our teacher took us to the muddy place. We wore the water shoes and our shoes were very muddy.

     The next activity was coasteering. The coach taught us how to do. We had to walk on the rocks. It was very hard. It took an hour to walk on the rocks. The water is very deep. And we wore life jackets. After having coasteering, it was already 6:00 PM, we went to take a shower. After shower, we went to the hall to have dinner, we had spaghetti, I had 4 bowls of spaghetti. After dinner, we played some games. We have to be blind folded and caught the moth. This game was very exciting. Then we brushed our teeth went to the tent.


        On the third day. We had kayaking fir14445030_1116831695077613_3624017818783101376_ost, it was very fun and easy. If you need to go right you have to hold the oar on the left and the boat will go right, and if you need to go left, you have to hold the oar on the right. We went far away from the beach. I couldn’t even see the sand. Then we went back to the beach and had lunch. I ate sandwiches and drank Rebina. They were very fantastic. After having lunch, we packed up and got on the coach to Tung Chung and we switched bus. I slept at the bus because I was extremely exhausted. After we went to school, my dad fetch me and went home.