Once upon a time the mouse and the tortoise were walking in the forest. It was a sunny day. The mouse said, ‘ Today was a how day right?’ The tortoise nodded his head.

            All at once, the lion jumped out and said, ‘ Hey, little guys, you are so short and small! ” Hey tortoise, you are so slow! “They Ignored the lion and pretended that they could not hear what he said. The lion said again, ” I am the king of the forest and I am so strong.” They replied ” I don’t think so” The lion was mean and impolite to the others. Everybody hated the lion. All the animals did not want to be friends with the him. The lion was upset and walked in the forest.

             When the lion walked passed the river, he saw that the Hunters were hunting some animals, he ran into a safe place, he was fine. He hid until all the hunters where gone. After that, he continued to walk. All of a sudden, he stepped on the net and he was trapped! He could not escape. He felt Scared, he did not want to be caught and be killed.

                At that time, the mouse and the tortoise passed by. They found that the lion was trapped, then they climb up to the net and bit it. The net broke and the lion was safe. He thanked them and apologized for being so mean. 

             Finally, they became friends. The lion realized that he had to be kind to the others. He was cheerful that he make many friends and he was not alone anymore.



                                    THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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