Cheung Chau Trip (ELW)


            Day 1

           On March we went to Cheung Chau for camp, but it is an army camp I went with my teachers and classmates. We went for 5 days 4 nights. First we meat at school at 7:00 AM then we wait for every body and then we went on a coach. We put into groups and they did different activities. 

         We need to  go to Central to take a ferry it took a long time to get to Cheung Chau. We met our leader our leader name was Daves. We we arrived there we put our bags in the ferry pier to let the man get the bags and bring it up for us. We went to rock climbing, it was a real rock. When I climb a little I was scared. After when we finished climbing, we went to the campsite, we got our bags and went inside the room. We had 10 students in the room. We had already divided into groups before the briefing.  We rest until 6:00. When its dinner time, we went to the canteen. The food was quite yummy. After dinner we went back to the room to rest for 15 minutes, then we went for a night walk. The leader brought us where there is no street lights. I was a bit scared of the darkness. After when we finished the activities then we went back to the campsite. We did an reflection of what we did today. When it was time to go to bed we turn off the lights. But when the teacher goes away to started chatting. But w  

         Day 2

     The second day the teacher said we had to bring our swimming suits. We are doing Kyacking. It was fun. After the Kyacking, we had lunch in the beach. After lunch we went to play (SUP) stands for Stand Up Paddle. First we put on the safty suite. Then we used the string to line up each other. We practiced how to stand pro pally. But everyone fell. One of my class mates lost his water shoe. I tried to jump down and find it but I cannot find it. It is fun in this thing because we get to push each other in the water and jump down to the sea. Then we went to the camp site to take a bath. After taking we can rest until 6:00. Then we had dinner. After dinner we had night activities. After that we went back to the room.

        Day 3 

     The third day we woke up and had breakfast. After breakfast, we went near the ferry pier of  Cheung Chau.  We visited the temple, and all the famous things in Cheung Chau. After that we had lunch in the restaurant. It was really yummy. After that we continued see the famous things. After that we can have free time in Cheung Chau. We can buy any thing we want there. I bought Mango Mo chi, Bubble tea & fried ice-cream. It tasted good. After that we walked back to the campus. Then we went to the room. We played video games inside the room. After that we had dinner. We had a BBQ.  The food was tasty.  After that we dint had any activities we just went back to the room to rest until the teacher tells us to switch off the lights. 

        Day 4

     The fourth day we went to clean the rubbish in the beach. We had to walk a long way because the beach is far away in Cheung Chau. We walk up and down the hill till we get there. The beach was no people there only the fishermen. We divide into groups of 3. We pick up every rubbish in the beach. We had 1 hr to pick up the rubbish. It was really fun. But my hands were tired. After we picked up all the rubbish, we went to find the large box to put all the rubbish in. Then we sat down and we had a discussion. After that we went to have lunch in a sea food restaurant. The food tasted good. After that we went back to the campsite. After for a rest we went to have dinner in the canteen. After that we had to say to the people that who are going about what we had learnt for this trip. After that we went back to the room. It was bed time. 

       Day 5 

      It was the last day of the trip! I want to stay here.Today we will leave Cheung Chau at 3:00 I woke up at 6:00 to pack my stuff. in 8:00 the teacher told us to have breakfast. After breakfast. We went near the that has many rocks and many bear bottles, because before it was an BBQ area. But now no one was there to BBQ, so we used that place. sea to learn how to survive. the leader taught us how to make fire, make food, and make shelter. How to make fire is that we need to pick up sticks and put it. the leader put on the fire and we started to making the Dow to make bread. it was easy. This was our lunch! It was amazing. After that we went to the beach to make the shelter. then Daves our leader tried to get the sea water and splash us to see if the shelter is  working. Some of my classmates got wet. But I did not get wet, I was lucky. After that we walked to the ferry pier to take a ferry. We waited all the groups to come. We went inside and we waited for the ferry to come. When the ferry comes we went on the ferry to go to Central and take a coach. Then we went back to school. After that we can go home.

        In this trip I had learnt many things. 

       I had a great time there. I wish I can go there again with my classmates. I had a fun time over there!  


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