Camping at Ma Cho Lung

Camping_2015-2-28_On Friday, my school mates, Rio, Tuscany and I went camping at Ma Cho Lung with our dads and moms. First, we pitched our tents, and we got 2 shelters. We played blind man’s bluff and football. My mom made some bread for tea. After tea time, Rio’s Dad got some bamboo to have bamboo dance. We need to step in  and out of the bamboo. And we need to go faster. When I hold  the bamboo, I used it to clap my mom’s foot.  My mom yelled, ‘OUCH!’

At night time, we had hot pot. We ate wutung, meat, fish balls and veggie. Then we played for awhile and had sweet soup.

Next morning, I woke up first, I woke up at 7:30. We ate breakfast. We had egg sandwich and rotini. They where ‘YUMMY’!. Rio’s and Tuscany’s dad got a big towel. The kids have to lie down and the dads swing over. It was really fun! Then we played football. We saw a lot of mini cooper, some of them looked funny! I wish I could have one with a tent at the top.

It was almost 12:00 PM. Tuscany had to go to the football class, so he had to leave first. We had lunch with Rio’s family.