Boxing day

On boxing dayBoxing day, we went to Jacky’s home to have a party with Melody , Allen and Eva and Ally. I played with Ally, after that Melody and Allen came. Then my mom, Eva and Melody prepared food. And we watched Frozen, after the movie, it was ready to have dinner. We have lamb, salmon salad, pork and my dad made beef steak. It was yummy. And we made fruit punch, it was yummy too.

After eating , we exchanged presents. I got a flying toy . My mom got a mug and my dad got a shampoo. Allen and Melody gave me a Lego for Christmas present.

After that, we watched Mickey Mouse cartoon. It was about Christmas. Then we made butterfly crackers. Finish baking, we can eat. I saw my dad watch hktv. Ally and I played hiding the ball. It was time to go home.

We gave Allen and Melody a ride to Wan Chi. It was a fun day.