Autobots fighting and peformence

Once a upon a time, there was a robot named Lanhgir who can transform into a car, a truck, or even a jet plane. It can fly up to 90,9875km per hour.

Lanhgir practices hard and hard, so he can win the race. The next day is the peformance, there is a robot named Gmt. He canonly change into a ferrari. There are a lot of robots watching them, then there is one more robot which can only change into a Lambroghini Gallardo. It is time to preform.The robots go outside and they run quickly and change into a car, Ferrari and Lambroghini Gallardo and they race really fast and the jet plane wins and all the robots are happy.

The next day, all of the robots come to Lanhgir’s house, it is truly a big big house. They all fly to a company to look at the robots and other robots are fixing the broken robots. Then they go into a room and see a transformer, called Dimnkf.

The robots go inside the room and Lanhgir has gone. They go out to find him. They look evey where. But they cannot find Lanhgir and suddenly there is an explosion and the Earth is diad. And some of the robots go to space and some of them are fired. The robots stay in Mercury.