Ah, The Beach! Bitten by the shark Story

                  Once upon a time there was a boy named Jeffery who wanted to go to the beach to play. He asked  ” can I go out to the beach “, his mom said, ” finish your home work first.” Then he quickly get to his room and start doing his homework. 10 minutes later, he went out and told her mom that he is finished, then his mom said OK. He went with his friend Tommy. They walked to the beach and started changing clothes. Then the made a sand house. Tommy said do you want to swim, he replied OK, they jumped into the water, and it was warm. They swam into the ocean and the water was really clear. then Tommy said i am really tired, Tommy  swam back to the beach. Then Jeffery keep on swimming. Suddenly there was a big shark chasing him, Tommy saw it and started swimming to save him, he swam as fast as he could. then he use someting to hit the shark then the shark was dead! and then they swam to the middle of the ocean and they decided to swim back and keep on playing sand. They swam and swam and they was safe when they got there.  At last they played happlily and them went home.






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