A Boat Trip In Sai Kung

IMG_5612On Sunday my mom and I went to Sai Kung to take a boat. First we went to take number 299X to Sai Kung town. Then we went to a Thailand restaurant. I ate fried rice, and IĀ  drank ice coconut milk jelly.

After that we went to take a boat. We took a wooden boat. First we went to Yim Tin Tsai. We ateĀ dumpling and drank juice, it was tasty! Soon we went to see the cave. Some were big, some were small. We took a lot of photos . After taking photos, we went to pineapple stone island. There are a lot of rocks that look like pineapple buns. There are some rocks that we can walk cross to the other island. But the water level was too high, so we couldn’t walk to the other side.

After the junk trip, we went back to Sai Kung town. Then we bought some seafood and went home. It was a fun weekend !!