New MTR stations

Yesterday I went to the new MTR stations with my friends. We took  682 bus to Taikooshing  shopping mall to meet my friend, Kelly and Gordon. My friend gave me the camping stuff. After that we went to Mos burger. I ate fish  burger and Kelly also ate fish burger, too. Gordon ate pumpkin croquette […]

Count down

on 31 of December 2014,  I went to science park to have dinner with my friends. After dinner, we went to Tai po to count down. We played inside the room, it was my friend, Anson’s birthday,we sang birthday song  and ate cake. We ate chips, drinks, cakes, jelly, biscuites, cheese and parma ham.Then it […]

Boxing day

On boxing day, we went to Jacky’s home to have a party with Melody , Allen and Eva and Ally. I played with Ally, after that Melody and Allen came. Then my mom, Eva and Melody prepared food. And we watched Frozen, after the movie, it was ready to have dinner. We have lamb, salmon […]

On Christmas day

On Christmas day, I saw that there are tomica inside the stocking, Santa gave me the presents. In the afternoon, I went to Tai O with my dad, mum and my friends. There are lots of yummy food. We wanted to have chacoal grilled but it was closed. Then we went to buy some other […]

I went to take ferris wheel

On Tuesday, I went to Central, there was a Christmas carnival.    There were some cool rides but they have not opened yet. Only the slide is opened, and there are games to play, if you win, you can get a toy. Then you can get the Despicable ME. But I didn’t play the shooting games. […]

I won in the running race

On Sunday I went to Homantin to have running race with Anson. Mama bought me a cup of ovaltine and it was very hot. Then Anson came. And we waited for a very long time. Finally it was our turn.  I was the sixth but Mama said it doesn’t matter if I win or lose […]