Going for a School Camping

On September 28th, I went for a school camping, I went with my classmates and teachers.  We had to go to school at 7:50 so I woke up at 6:55AM. Tuesday night, I packed my backpack and suitcase. On Wednesday morning, my dad drove me to school. When I got there, I found that most […]



Going to Takamatsu and Hiroshima

Day 1 We went to Takamatus, Japan, We took a plane at 3:00 in the afternoon. We went there for eight days. When we got to the Takamatsu airport, it was night time. Then we took the APA Hotel car to the hotel. When we got there, we checked in first. Then we went to […]

Movie review of Cars 2

In 2011 I watched a movie called Cars 2. I think this was the best animation I have ever seen. This movie is about Mcqueen who wants to race in the world grand prix. In the car racing, some cars explode. Mater becomes a spy car to figure it out who makes the cars burst.It […]


Having a birthday party

On July 3rd we had a birthday party at my home. I invited Gordon and Gideon. Our birthdays are in July so we celebrated together. The birthday party started at 1:oo. Gordon and Kelly came at 12:40. Gordon and I watched Star Wars 7 The Force Aweakans. When Gideon came, we played football game. Then […]

Going to have a picnic with David and Norma

On Sunday we went to have a picnic with David, Norma, Auntie Pinky and Auntie Debbie. First, we went to pick them up to go to Sai Kung. When we got there, we had our lunch first. We ate rice ball, Sushi, chest nuts, strawberry,salad and some drinks. Then we went to have a walk […]


Hiking In Dragon Back

On Thursday, we went hiking with my friends, Gordon and Kelly. First we went to Kelly’s home, then we went to have lunch. We ate Japanese food. I ate Japanese noodles. After lunch, we went to Shek O. My dad parked the car and we walked up the mountain. Then we had a rest at […]

Going To Peng Chau

              On Wednesday, we went to Peng Chau. We went to take a ferry to Peng Chau. When we got there, we looked for somewhere to have lunch.     After lunch, we went to the lookout. We saw Disneyland which is very near, and We sat on the bench to have a rest.     We […]



Winter Holiday In Ocean Park!

On December 21, we went to Ocean Park. First we went to Penguin Restaurant. There are a lot of penguins in the restaurant. I ate spaghetti and some chicken. It was yummy! After lunch, we went to ride roller coaster. I was scared, but it was cool! After that we went to see the dolphins, […]

Charity Run at Science Park

On Sunday,I went to a charity run at science park. I woke up at 7:00, then we waited for our friend. We had to put on Santa costume to run but I don’t like it.After that we waited, and the charity run started at last. After that we went to have breakfast. Then my friend […]



Tai Po Tree House

On Sunday, we went to Tai Po Tree House Cottage.Firstly we went to fetch my friends then we went to the tree house cottage. When we got there, we bought some fish food. We fed the big fish and the small fish. I fed a lot of packs. After that we went to listen to […]