Monthly Archives: June 2018

Going to the museum story

                     On summer a boy name Jack and his friend Savio went to a dinosaur museum, it has many dinosaurs bones, first they meet at the train station and walked to the museum when they walked in, they was amazed. When they walked and walked , […]

Transformers 4

        The transformers 4 is the movie about Optimus Prime wants to save the humans. And the other autobots help Optimus Prime. The there is a company called KSI that who wants to make auto bots, their names were Stinger and Galvatron, the people control it. Then they went to Chicago to have […]

Trip to Guangzhou (China)

     Day 1             On June 16 2018, My friend and my parents went together. I went for 2 days 1 night. We slept in a hotel, I woke at 7:00 AM to pack my stuff. Then at 9:15 AM I went down stairs to his car. Because we lived […]


           Once upon a time the mouse and the tortoise were walking in the forest. It was a sunny day. The mouse said, ‘ Today was a how day right?’ The tortoise nodded his head.             All at once, the lion jumped out and said, ‘ […]

Guilin China Trip

                            Day 1             On March Easter holiday, my mom, dad and I went to Guilin (China). Guilin was a special place because the mountains were strange and is very quite place, but its still a city, but […]

Cheung Chau Trip (ELW)

                    Day 1            On March we went to Cheung Chau for camp, but it is an army camp I went with my teachers and classmates. We went for 5 days 4 nights. First we meat at school at 7:00 AM then we […]